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History : Boycott.edited


Running head: MONTGOMERY BUS BOYCOTTYour nameInstructors
nameCourseDate of submission1Running head: MONTGOMERY BUS
BOYCOTT2Question 1They had the Civil Rights Movement which aimed at
eliminating the racial injustices andbringing the end of slavery.
The movement was fighting for the African Americans rights inorder
to fulfill the emancipation proclamation which was issued by
President Lincoln. Secondly,the activists had nonviolent protests
and civil disobedience. They could refuse to vacate the seatsfor
the white people, for example, Rosa Parks. There was also the
formation of organizationssuch as the Womens Political Council. It
was made up of black women activists and they helpedin circulating
the flyers in calling for a boycott.Question 2The boycott emerged
after Parks arrest because Rosa Parks and her husband Raymondwere
active participants of the National Association for the Advancement
of Colored People(NAACP). She served the association as the
secretary and had contributed in fighting againstracial injustices.
Secondly, E.D. Nixon was her boss and he was a black leader who
wasprominent. He helped Parks to be out of the jail and organized
for t …

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