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History : Egyptian Scarab Ii


Surname1Students NameProfessors NameCourseDateThesis
StatementThe Egyptian scarab is a burial amulet found mostly at
burial sites hence raises questionsregarding the archeological
excavation site where it was found since Sepphoris is common
forpre-date excavations.1. periodi. The Egyptian Scarab amulet
dates back to the period of the Egyptian Pharaohs in the19th
Dynasty.ii. The amulet was 3,300 years oldiii. The amulet dates
back to between 1292 to 1189 B.C.E2. Artifact discoveredi. The
article fact discovered is Egyptian Scarabii. The discovery was
made after a government program aimed at instilling history
instudentsiii. The archeological excavation was carried out hence
the discovery of historicalartifactsSurname2iv. The discovery was
made in the course of an salvage excavation3. burial practicesi.
Scarab was used for the burial of the dead hence was com …

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History : Egyptian Scarab Ii
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