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Running head: CASE STUDY1Case StudyNameInstitutionCASE
STUDY2Case StudyA Short Summary of the Facts Regarding the
International ConflictSeveral cases arise that involves different
countries in terms of international laws andissues. Some of the
countries involved in such issues include Mexico and the United
States. Thecase that I have read that has been interesting to me
involves the international extraditionnegations engaged between
Mexico and the United States. The issue emerging between the
twonations originates from the extradition processing and the
jurisdiction acquiring of criminals.According to the case study
reviewed, there is an existence of a bilateral extradition
treatybetween Mexico and the United States. I have read several
cases involving the two countries, butthe one that appears to be
more interesting is the David Alvarez case, whereby the David
Alvarezstabbed six individuals in 1996 at Baldwin Park in
California (Smith, n.d.). According to theevidence given, the
criminal fled to Mexico for his safety. Due to the case,
internationalcooperation and negotiation were conducted between
Mexico and the United States. For theinquiry of David Alvarez’s
jurisdiction and punishment for the crime that he committed,
severalcomplications and question emerged in the
process.International Extradition Negations Premise and Historical
ImplicationBased on history, Mexico and the United States have
engaged in constant bilateralextradition treaty bac …

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History : Help With A Case Study
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