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History : History Discussions 11


title:Student name:School affiliation:Professors name:Date1HISTORY
DISCUSSIONS2History Discussions1. Exploration of the new world
explains the economic, political and technological factors thatled
to the introduction of Spain, England and Portugal. This led
competition between nationstates and technological advancement in
navigation and shipbuilding. Consequently,international trade was
enhanced. Some of the economic factors that led to the exploration
ofnew trade routes are the expansion of international trade. This
was evident when merchantswould bring spices for profit. The
merchants could travel from Eastern Europe regions tointroduce
their commodity to the new world. On the same vein, economically,
other Europeansfound using intermediaries as extra expenses, which
led to increased economic competition onhow middlemen get to
benefit (Bulliet, 2014). Also, under the leadership of Prince
Henry,Portuguese were able to seek a water route to Asia to enhance
their trading deals. There was anemergence of economic competition
where Portuguese influenced Spain to partner and sponsorexplorers
such as Columbus with an unmapped geographical location so as they
can be able todetermine the consumer behavior of the new world. The
new world was the target among theEuropeans who wanted to venture
into international business opportunities. The water routeshelped
them in cutting expenses. Politicall …

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History : History Discussions 11
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