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History : Nixon Watergate And Southern Strategy


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DiscussionThe Southern StrategyNixons southern strategy entailed a
political approach employed by Nixon to facilitatethe win of the
Republican Party in the election through influencing political
support from votersin the southern area who opposed some of the
ideologies held by Democratic Party. According toCobbs and Gjerde
(2007), Nixons southern strategy was aimed to increase support from
theDixiecrats who were upset with the Democratic Party support of
civil rights and desegregationpolicies. Precisely, Nixons southern
strategy was based on the ideology of promoting thesuperiority of
the white southerner voters through opposing civil rights move and
supportingvarious forms of racial segregation such as school and
public places.Thurmond and Wallace RolesThe role played by
individuals such as Strom Thurmond and George Wallace in
assistingNixon to win in the South was influence southern
electorates to support the Republican Party.Both Thurmond and
Wallace were prominent politicians who supported the
segregationistideologies. Thus, the …

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History : Nixon Watergate And Southern Strategy
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