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History : Patriots And The American Revolution


Patriots and the American revolutionNameCourseDateName 2The 18th
century was undoubtedly one of the most challenging moments in the
History ofthe United States. During this period, the United States
engaged in the struggle for independence,which was undoubtedly one
of the most challenging endeavors undertaken in American,
byAmericans. During the same period, the United States experienced
rapid political, social, andeconomic changes, mainly due to the
spread of Enlightenment ideas1. As the enlightenment ideasspread
across the United States, citizens began thinking of themselves as
equal to the British whohave over the years exerted control over
their lives. The same era witnessed the GreatAwakening, whereby
protestants began to question those in the position of authority
across theChurches2. The spread of Enlightenment ideas and the
emergence of the Great Awakening werethe embodiment of the work
that was being conducted by the Patriots to educate the masses
ontheir rights, and the need to take control over their lives.The
British had planned to stay in America for a little longer and
exercise their controlover the locals. However, not all colonies
accepted British control over their lives. However,members of 13
British colonies were against any form of control by the British
over their lives. Itis these members who later came to be termed as
the Patriots. Most of them were against theexploitative taxes which
the British had imposed on the locals, without …

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History : Patriots And The American Revolution
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