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History : S189 Freedom In Different Periods.edited


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Important Boundaries of Freedom During Specific PeriodsDuring
specific periods in American history, the definition of freedom
differed from onestage to the other. Whereas African-Americans
viewed freedom as having equal rights to thewhites, the whites
believed that freedom is something innate which one is born with.
To thenative Indians, freedom meant unrestricted access to their
lands and the ability to practice theirculture and politics without
interference. To the American workers, freedom is in the form
ofgood working conditions and reasonable pay. This paper,
therefore, looks into the attempts madeby Americans in various
capacities to redefine the boundaries of freedom during their
time.The Reconstruction Period (1865-1876)Immediately after the
civil war, the perception of freedom among Americans changed.How
the blacks viewed freedom after the war differed from the whites’
perception. Initially,blacks born of slavery were properties of
their master until they die or maybe buy their way outof slavery.
According to Forner, the definition of blacks had concerning
freedom was guided bytheir experiences as slaves (443). To the
blacks, freedom meant having the same rights as theirformer
masters. This implies that the blacks wanted the injustices meted
on them, such as thebeatings and sexual abuses of their women to
end so that they can enjoy the same rights as theSurname2whites.
The …

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History : S189 Freedom In Different Periods.edited
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