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History : Second Shift


Running Head: THE SECOND SHIFT1The Second
ShiftNameCourseTutorDateTHE SECOND SHIFT2What is the second shift,
and how does it relate to a leisure gap between husbands
andwives?The second shift is a concept that explains the second
part of the work that a mother doeswhen she comes home from work.
It includes all the housekeeping duties as well as all
theresponsibilities involved in taking care of the entire family at
home. This comes in where boththe husband and wife have formal or
informal jobs, but the wife seems to be more involved inhousehold
chore than the husband. This imbalance can be highly attributed to
the traditionalgender roles whereby you find that the wife is at
the centre of almost every duty when they bothcome home after work
(Russell & Machung, 1989). The wife cooks; washes dishes, does
all thelaundry work, and also does the babysitting and feeding of
the kids. This is an issue that hasbrought about many discussions
about how the household chores should be shared between thewife and
husband, considering that they all came home tired and fatigued
from work. In manycases, husbands will go to work, come home, and
then relax, but women will alw …

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History : Second Shift
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