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History : The Difference Between Us


Surname 1Student Name:Professor Name:Course Name
&Number:Date:Race, ethnic inequality and discriminationIn The
Difference between Us, Part 1 of the documentary Race: The Power of
anIllusion, anthropologist Alan Goodman states: “Race is not based
on biology, but race israther an idea that we ascribe to biology.”
Using multiple course sources, explain what thismeans.Alan Goodman
in The Difference between Us states that “Race is not based on
biology,but race is rather an idea that we ascribe to biology.”
What Goodman means in this quote is thatrace and the social
importance attributed to race is not biologically rooted but rather
based onother aspects such as the process of racial formation.
According to Schaefer, chapter 1onExploring Race and Ethnicity,
race cannot be used as a measure of distinguishing
humansbiologically. However, Schaefer also notes that race holds a
lot of social importance as a result ofthe social meanings
connected to race. Hence, race does not have much biological
importance orconsequence. As identified in this weeks readings on
The Social Construction of Race andEthnicity, the genetic
variations that define race such as eye shape, skin color, and hair
textureamong others are not related to other human traits like
athletic ability or intelligence. That is, thevariations among
humans that define race do not cause variations in other complex
humanbehaviors. Hence, based on this weeks readings, using …

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History : The Difference Between Us
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