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History : The Film


Running head: FILM AND ARTICLE REVIEWEven in the Rain film and
Reagan in Cancun article ReviewNameInstitutional Affiliations1FILM
AND ARTICLE REVIEW2Even in the Rain film and Reagan in Cancun
article ReviewThe film, Even the Rain and the Reagan in Cancun
article relate in the sense thatthey both analyze neocolonialism or
rather neoliberalism. In the film, there is a pervading themeof
bargain that is also reiterated in the articles discussion of the
US foreign policy duringReagans tenure. Apparently, the United
States ought to bargain the best way forward in itsforeign policy.
The article finds factors such as oil resources, increased Soviet
influence and achanged attitude towards Cuba as the reason for a
revolutionary transformation of Latin Americafrom the traditional
American ally to an entity of its own. With regard to neoliberalism
andneocolonialism, therefore, the article assumes that most Latin
American nations were becomingless receptive of imperialist
diplomatic advances from external developed powers. In the
film,therefore, is a depiction of the increased submission of Latin
America to American misuse of itsdiplomatic influence through
neocolonialism. However, the article suggests a revolution of
LatinAmerica from a nave nation taken to neocolonialism to one that
is more cautious showingvibrance of neoliberalism.Even in the Rain
is a deeply political film that not only deals with the revolution
inBolivia but rathe …

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History : The Film
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