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History : Timeline


Running head: DRED SCOTT V. SANFORD COURT CASETimeline: Dred
Scott v. Sanford court caseName:Institution:1DRED SCOTT V. SANFORD
COURT CASE2Dred Scott v. Sanford court caseIn the American history,
people consider the antebellum period to be a time before thecivil
war and after the War of 1812.This period, characterized by
abolitionists and supporters ofslavery, was marked by different
timelines that depicted the historical events that marked it.
Themost historical event during this period was the Dred Scott v.
Sanford court case of 1857. On thisdate, the United States Supreme
Court issued a decision regarding Dred Scott, a slave who
afterspending time with his owner in a free state demanded for
emancipation before going back to aslave state in Missouri. The
court ruled in favor of Sanford, arguing that no black; whether
freeor a slave is a U.S citizen, and hence they cannot petition in
the court of law. This essayexamines the impact of the Dred Scott
v. Sandford case event and how it prompted change in thenational
philosophies, historical figures and the general lives of the
nationals.The period before 1857, was a period of constitutional
ratification that was marked byefforts to abolish slavery. After
the creation of the Missouri Compromise Act of 1820 thatoutlawed
the acts of slavery, there were many Free states as compared to
slave states, and thiscaused the abolitionists to gain strength.
However, the slave states still maintained their stanceth …

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History : Timeline
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