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History : Was Mao Or Deng The Prc


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LeadersIntroductionBoth Mao and Deng were influential leaders of
the PRC at different times. While Maowas a revolutionary leader who
wanted to change China into a socialist republic, Deng focusedon
creating reforms in China to clean up the mess caused by Mao after
his death. Both leadershave significant achievements and failures,
though there is a debate on who among them was asuccessful leader
of the PRC. Below is an evaluation of their contribution to
China.Achievements of Mao as a PRC LeaderMao was born into a
comfortable environment that prompted him to reject the
Confuciusbased teachings on Chinese culture. He was a classical
liberalist and revolutionist who grew intoa voracious leader. After
becoming a teacher, he built positive connections to achieve
hisrevolutionary thoughts of helping China to abandon the
autocratic leadership style that he termedas old-fashioned and
start practising the concepts and idea of the Western nations
(Ebrey 211).As an active communist, Mao invested in the peasants
who he saw a lot of potentials in driving arevolutionary agenda in
China. He is accredited for creating the P …

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History : Was Mao Or Deng The Prc
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