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How to Make Bubble Snakes


Bubble snakes are super easy to make, don’t need many materials and are great fun for kids of all ages. Younger children will enjoy blowing lots of bubbles easily, while older children can design their own unique bubble makers and even create an investigation using them.

Bubble Snake

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How to Make Bubble Snakes
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What you need to make a bubble snake

Small tube or plastic bottle

Elastic band

Bubble mix – shop bought or make your own

Old cloth or sock for the end

Sharp scissors or pen knife

Bubble Snake Instructions

First you need to cut the bottom off your water bottle – ask an adult to help and be careful as the end might be sharp.

Cover the end of the bottle with a piece of cloth and secure tightly with an elastic band.

Dip the cloth end into bubble mix.

Blow carefully down the other end of the bottle and watch as a bubble snake appears!

Remember to blow down the bottle NOT suck!!

Make it an investigation

Experiment using different types of bottles ( with wider and thinner bases ) to create the ultimate bubble machine!

Try blowing softly and then with more force, how is the bubble snake different?

Extension Tasks

Can you spot a rainbow in the bubbles?

Try adding food colouring to your bubble mix to make a coloured bubble snake!

How does a bubble snake work?

When you blow air through a bubble snake maker, hundreds on tiny bubbles are created. The bubbles stick to each other creating a big, long snake!

Why are bubbles round?

Bubbles consist of a thin film of soapy water filled with air. When you blow a bubble, the film expands outward. The forces acting between the molecules of the bubble cause it to form the shape that encloses the most volume with the least surface area — a sphere.

Why can you see colours in bubbles?

Colours are seen because of light diffracting through the soap film.

How can you make this a science fair project or investigation?

Try using different materials on the end of your bubble snake, can you predict which will make the best bubbles?

Can you find a material that will give you bigger bubbles?

What happens if you blow more slowly?

Can you find a recipe for the BEST bubble mix?

Make a double bubble snake!

What do you think of this?

More Bubble Experiments for kids

Build a bubble blowing machine like Teach Beside Me.

Make giant bubbles with a hula hoop.

Girl in a bubble

Find out why bubbles pop!

Finally, how about a making square bubble?

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