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Kitchen Chemistry for Kids


The kitchen is a great place to try some science! Kitchen chemistry experiments are some of the easiest and most fascinating activities you can try at home. They also use products you probably already have and sometimes you can even eat the result!

Kitchen Chemistry Experiments

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Kitchen Chemistry for Kids
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Chill with Salt

Use the ice and salt to make ice cream from milk or to cool a drink very quickly!

Fizzing Rocks

These fizzing rocks are made from baking soda, water and a little food colouring. Just leave them to harden in the fridge and then drop a little vinegar on the top for a fun, fizzy activity.

Emulsions and Milk

Create a colourful milk display with food colouring, milk and a bit of washing up liquid ( dish soap ).

This is a great activity for learning about emulsions.

Red Cabbage Indicator

Find out whether substances are acids or alkalis with a red cabbage indicator!

Chromatography with sweets

Try out this separation technique using candy sweets and kitchen towel. You might be surprised at how many different colours are in your sweets! Dark colours tend to separate out the best.

Edible Rocks

Learn about different types of rocks and how they form with chocolate rocks! These are delicious and a great way to learn about rock formations.

Blow up a balloon with yeast and water

Did you know you can trap the carbon dioxide released by yeast as it respires and use it to blow up a balloon?

This activity can be turned into an experiment by investigating with different temperatures of water to find out if yeast respires faster in warm or cold water.

Image taken from Snackable Science

Homemade Slushy Drinks

Learn about changes of state with these delicious and healthy homemade slushy drinks.

Remember to be careful when experimenting in the kitchen. Wash your hands when you finish and take care not to get anything in your eyes.

More Kitchen Chemistry for Kids

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