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Law : Cruel And Unusual Punshment


Cruel and unusual punishment Cruel and unusual punishment
Students Name Institution AffiliationIntroduction A cruel and
unusual punishment The phrase is used to describe a sentence that
isunacceptable because of suffering it brings along Various tests
are taken to give direction to cruel andunusual punishment
sentencing It should be generally accepted by society. The
punishment should fit the crime committed. It is only applicable if
the punishment is arbitrary.(Meltsner, 2019)Debates The clause has
been in the limelight based on whetherthere are any other decent
means of ruling. Some people feel that there should be no cruel
andunusual punishment, while others agree with thesentencing. A
person who kills another may deserve beinghanged, and perhaps a
villain should get their ears cutoff. We are also in the future
where inflicting such painon someone seems cruel, unlike in the
past.Styles of application There is the little provision of the
bill of rightinvolving cruel and unusual punishment Torture and
severe punishment is more often on theminds of complaints The
courts are inclined to the traditional style ofinterpreting cruel
and unusual punishment.” The changes were amended in 1789 through
theinterpretation of Weems v. United States. Interpretation of such
cases has been differentaccording to the moral standing of the
caseApplication and scope Supreme Court has been …

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Law : Cruel And Unusual Punshment
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