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Law : Police Corruption


Running Head: POLICE CORRUPTION1Police
CorruptionNameInstitutional AffiliationPOLICE CORRUPTION2Police
CorruptionPolice corruption is rampant across most departments
across the country. Policecorruption is the misuse of authority by
a police officer to produce personal gain either forthemselves or
others (Demsey & Forst, 2010). It is possible to point out the
cases of misuse ofpower handed to the officers using this
definition, consequently leading to lower interaction
andunderstanding between them. Noble cause corruption is most
widespread, as officers committedto their duties stretch the law to
offer them opportunities to achieve their objectives
effectively.This form of fraud is prevalent, and overall diffuse
the efficacy that they have when the casesmove on to court.The
culture of corruption in police departments is strong, and as such,
there should be theuse of new strategies to change the situation
and promote understanding between the differentparties. Technology
provides for better showcasing of the various happenings in society
(Sahin,2010). Police officers can be forced to wear body cameras
that will record their dailymovements. Their vehicles wi …

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Law : Police Corruption
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