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1Running head: School criminal and justiceQUALITY AND
FUNDINGStudents NameInstitution NameCourse2School criminal
justiceDISCUSSIONBased on the statistics, you pulled what is the
quality of Officer Smith’s police service?In her time working as an
officer, the performance of Jane Smith is relatively poor. After
herbeing recruited into the police force or after completion of the
police academy, she took a solemnoath to serve the community
diligently and to see that that peace is kept and
preserved.unfortunately however, the statistics show that Smith
underperforms in her responsibilities. Herduties as an officer
include; enforcing laws, responding to calls, issue citations, and
makingarrests within her jurisdiction in the district.
Unfortunately, however, the quality of her service isquite poor,
and she needs to strategize on how to improve her performance going
forward.Based on her performance statistics, considering that Bravo
is a district with high crimelevels, The numbers projected by Jane
do not reflect a trace of any quality service by the
officer.Despite her seeking to have a promotion and become a
detective, her service delivery levels aremuch want …

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Law : Quality And Funding.edited.edited
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