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Law : Rehabilitation And Punishment


Running head: REHABILITATION AND PUNISHMENTRehabilitation and
punishmentNameInstitutional Affiliation1REHABILITATION AND
PUNISHMENTRehabilitation and punishmentThe primary goals of the
sentencing system are rehabilitation, deterrence, punishment,and
incapacitation. The correctional system offers a wide spectrum of
rehabilitative programsthat help to transform and reintegrate
offenders into society. Notably, rehabilitation programsoffer a
support system to help offenders live a crime-free life and restore
their societal position.The rehabilitation system help to transform
offenders completely based on their thinking andbehavior from
criminal life to socially accepted life. Punishment, on the other
hand, facilitatescrime control with an ultimate objective of
rehabilitating an offender, dissuading others fromcrime, as well as
expiating the victim. As such, it helps in preventing future
crimes. However,some people argue that correction punitive
philosophy, budget shortfalls, and stringentsentencing guidelines
have made the correctional system less rehabilitative today. This
impliesthat prisons are more focused on punishment rather than
resolving offenders psychologicalproblems and developing their
skills. As a result, crime rates are constantly
increasinginfluencing the explosive growth of correctional
facilities such as prisons. This paper will,therefore, investigate
the rehabilitation and punishment of convicted offenders imprisoned
andunder probati …

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Law : Rehabilitation And Punishment
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