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Management : 360 Degree Feedback


Running head: FEEDBACK1360 Degree FeedbackName:Institutional
Affiliation:FEEDBACK2The following paper is an analysis of the best
ways to provide 360-degree feedback on acolleague. The basis of the
feedback is to protect the feelings of the individual, in addition
tosparing the relationship of workmates.First, the best strategy is
to be specific. According to Malone (2017) argues that
beingspecific while offering feedback reduces anxiety and
confusion. In this instance, one of thechallenges that the
colleague has meeting deadlines. The issue has compromised the
efficiency ofthe team a matter that has led to the development of a
poor reputation of the group. Therefore,being specific saves all
the involved players time. Another approach that might increase
thesuccess of the feedback is to avoid criticizing personal
attributes (London, 2014). Talking aboutan individu …

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Management : 360 Degree Feedback
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