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Management : Biz Quiz Final


MGT 312: Decision Making Problem SolvingSECOND SEMESTER
2018-19ASSIGNMENT-2Course:Student name:MGT312Academic YearStudents
number:1439-1440 HSemester:student grade:To be filled by
Faculty2ndSection:Level of the Mark: To be filled by
FacultyCRN:Instructions for AssignmentDue date for SubmissionEnd of
Week 9Maximum Marks:05Submission ModethroughblackboardWord
Count1200-2500Only WORD DOCUMENTSubmission methodPDF not
acceptedAssignment Regulations:This assignment is an
individualassignment.All students are encouraged to use their
ownword.Student must apply Harvard Referencing Style within
theirreports.Student is allowed to cite 10% from the word limit
(2000 word limitmeans 200 words can becited).A mark of zero will be
given for any submission that includescopying fromother resource
without referencingitASSIGNMENT -IISuppose you are Sales Manager
for Almarai-Lusine division. It has product1.such as Cup Cakes,
muffins, croissant, Bread, Burger, Buns and Sandwich Rolls. Sales
inyour department are low. Overall revenue is down. And the big
boss wants to know why.As the sales manager, its up to you to get
to the bottom of the issue, to make changes, andto fix the problem
so that your sales team doesnt fall short of its goals. Define the
problemand determine the root cause of the problem by using the 5
Whys?[Marks 2]AnswerWhy?1Poor communication There was poor comm …

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Management : Biz Quiz Final
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