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Management : Business Strategizing Options


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BUSINESS STRATEGIESIntroductionNew Zealands most trusted chocolate
maker seems to be heading for a much bigger killthrough their
venture into the promising Asian and the Middle Easts markets.
Whittaker, likeany other firm seeking to establish their brand in
the world newest economic frontiers of Chinaand the Tiger
economies, faces the uncertainty of new markets, but the risk is so
far provingworth a take. For a company with an immense history of
success and trustworthy, it wouldadvisable for such a firm to make
the right decision on foreign market strategizing. A number
ofstrategies exist when it comes to seeking brand penetration in
both virgin and emergingmarkets.A closer look at the existing and
available entry mode strategiesDirect Foreign InvestmentsWhittaker
is New Zealands most coveted and trusted brand. The company makes
use ofdirect foreign investment strategies in managing and
controlling their products in foreignmarkets. This strategy is
considered the best at the initial stages of the venture, chiefly
for itsability to exert control over operations, creates a better
understanding of the competitiveenvironment prevailing in the new
market and reduces the overall risk of operating from theoverseas
(Williamson, 1991).However, the strategy employed in the new
markets has had its share of flaws, first w …

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Management : Business Strategizing Options
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