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Management : Emerging Technology


Running head: EMERGING TECHNOLOGYEmerging
TechnologyNameInstitution1EMERGING TECHNOLOGY2Emerging
TechnologyThere are many emerging technological components which
business organizationneed to integrate into their working
environment to foster business activities and interactions.Many of
the emerging technological communication components that have been
developedthey have been deemed suitable towards increasing
efficiency and productivity in theworkplace through fostering
communication between the workers and their clients. The
threeemerging technological products are the HoloLens glasses,
seamless voice recognition, andFormlabs Fuse 1.The emerging
technological products highlighted above are valuable to
businesspeople who are in different locations especially the
HoloLens glasses. The product helps anorganization to show
different designs of its products remotely to …

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Management : Emerging Technology
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