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Portfolio Project (350 Points) Pick a company in your area of
interest to explore. You will utilize knowledge about the company
and industry to develop: a proposed contract, procurement plan, and
risk management plan. Here are items to include in your project
management plan (PMP): Click on the PMP Overview link below to view
a Power Point presentation regarding the overview, organization,
management and scheduling of a PMP that you should include in your
plan. Develop a problem statement and an RFP (Request for
Proposal). While you might not normally be on both sides of a
project, you will create the short problem statement and the short
form RFP to serve as the basis for your proposal. Write a proposal,
including the bid/no bid analysis. Attach the bid/no-bid analysis
as an appendix. List the required resources in a resource matrix.
This will be a developed listing of all resources needed (people,
equipment, budget, timeline, and raw material) Also, include a
review of the identifiable risks. A risk matrix showing the risk,
impact, probability, and anticipated risk response is expected. The
project will include the several documents as a package showing
your ability to analyze the resource requirements for a project,
and the analysis of the project for possible risks and your ability
to develop a plan to deal with those risks. Your assignment should
include 13-15 pages of content in addition to title and reference
pages. Include 8 to 10 outside academic and professional references
that provide information and guidance for your Portfolio Project.
Outside sources mean academic and research other than the textbook,
course materials, or other information provided as part of the
course materials.

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Management : Help with final portfolio
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