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Management : Mgt


Running head:
1The Strategic management: Competitiveness & Globalization
article addresses strategicmanagement it details which are all
about long term goals (Hitt, 2017). The article covers howthe
organization manages its long term data.Second is the article Using
the Rasch model to rank firms by managerial ability whichemphasizes
on the managerial level as a midterm goal in the tourism department
(Schellhorn &Sharma, 2013).Thirdly is the The Difference
between Operational & Strategic Management articlewhich
addresses the operational level as an ongoing process. The article
discusses operationalmanagers who are tasked with the duty of
making short term decisions that together add to thelong term goals
(Timpf & Lisa, 2018).Lastly is the COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN
article which addressed how computers canbe used in the
manufacturing process (SARKAR, 2017). This is an IT intensive
article discussingthe importance of IT in operations of
industriesPart 2Strategic management is centered on making long
term decisions for the firm. This is theresponsibility of top-level
management. T …

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Management : Mgt
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