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DESCRIPTION21CoachingFor agent 4 with negative NPS, highest
resolution time, and lowest internal quality score,coaching
relating to quality and resolution time is necessary. Teaching
agent about quality andtime will automatically improve the NPS. For
Agent 5, coaching on how to improve on NPS isnecessary. For
example, Agent 5 need to be coached on how to win the attention of
the customerand thus improving the likelihood of customers
recommending the service/or the product. ForAgent 6, coaching
relating to ways of gaining a higher number of tickets closed
within a shortperiod of time is necessary.Goals set for each
agentFor Agent 1, quality score is not good. The SMART goal for
agent 1 is to increase thequality by at least 7% by the end of the
week by improving response time and minimizingbacklog. The SMART
goals for Agent 2 are to decrease resolution time by 100 hours
andincrease NPS from 50 to 80 by the end of the week. The SMART
goals for Agent 3 are toincrease internal quality score by 5%,
reduce resolution time by 80 hours and increase number oftickets
closed by at least 40 at end of the week. The SMART goals for Agent
4 are to increaseNPS from -33 to 20, increase internal quality
score by 7%, reduce resolution time by 200 hoursand increase number
of tickets closed by at least 8 at end of the week. The SMART goals
forAgent 5 are to reduce resolution …

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Management : Question Description Edited
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