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Management : Reflection


Running Head: REFLECTION1ReflectionNameInstitutional
AffiliationInstructorCourseDateREFLECTION2Management Levels:
ReflectionBusinesses need employees to carry out activities of the
firm with some form ofauthority, responsibility, and
accountability. What gave rise to management is the desire
toachieve a form of authority chain. This was subdivided into the
three management levelsnecessary to attain optimum use of scarce
resources, effective leadership, enhance industrialharmony, and
facilitate strategy achievement among others as stated by
Simmering, (2019).According to the article, top-level management
comprises of important persons responsiblefor leading and directing
the rest with maximum authority, such as the CEO. They determineand
frame the objectives, assemble resources and liaise with the
outside world to achievethem. Of special interest is the middle-lev

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Management : Reflection
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