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Management : Sephora Usa Inc Doc1122


Running head: SEPHORA USA, INC.1Sephora USA, Inc.Students
NameInstitutional AffiliationSEPHORA USA, INC.2Sephora USA,
Inc.IntroductionBackgroundLocated in San Francisco, California,
Sephora USA, Inc. owns and operates a chain ofcosmetics and perfume
outlets throughout the world. Founded in 1970, the firm grew into a
largeenterprise with corporate offices in Montreal and New York. In
addition, the company offersclose to 300 brands alongside its own
private label that defines the business determination toprovide
high-quality products to its customers (Sephora, 2019). Indeed,
some of the goods thatthe firm sells include, skin care, makeup,
hair care, fragrances, nail, bath and body, as well asmens
products. Other products include professional tools and brushes and
additional services,such as custom makeover and personal one-on-one
offers. The company values the needs of allits customers spread
throughout the globe and the management tries its level best to
satisfy theirneeds (Loeb, 2013). As a way of ensuring that its
brand remains strong, the firm offers beautyclasses and loyalty
programs that enable consumers to access event invitations and
selectproducts of their choice.SizeSephora USA, Inc.s management
focuses on remaining on the forefront of the latesttrends so that
clients can feel appreciated and relevant based on the current
issues. The firmboasts of offering a unique shopping experience of
beauty products across the world andp …

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Management : Sephora Usa Inc Doc1122
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