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Management : Stress Management


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the video, what does the maze and cheese represent?From the video,
it is evident that the maze represents the routines that are
adopted by peoplewhile in different phases of life. Some phases are
easy and some are not and different peopleuse different strategies
to achieve and fulfil their desires in life. Some people choose to
adoptstrict routines which they do not want to change. Hem is a
true representation of such people(Grealdo, L. (2013).
Unfortunately, when circumstances change, they are always left
confused.On the other hand, the mice represent people who are
always glad to have the best but alwaysprepare for the worst
(Grealdo, L. (2013). Their Routines are flexible and are always go
with thechanges in life. Haw represent the people who wait for the
worst to happen before theyimplement any form of change in their
routine.Cheese, in this case, represents the fulfilment of dreams
and personal goals and desires. Itrepresents security, good health
and abundance of the material possessions that assist in
cateringfor mos …

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Management : Stress Management
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