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Management : Student Athletes Appeal


Running Head: MANAGEMENT1Why would a state association allow
student-athletes to challenge their initial rulings?Student
NameProfessor NameCourseDateMANAGEMENT2Question 1The concept of
student athletics and schools challenging the decision of athletics
association hasbeen rampant. The dispute is mainly propelled by
alleged erroneous act by game officials whomake a decision after a
game outcome is determined and the winning team feels neglected.
Assuch, student athletics seek legal lawsuit from courts in a bid
to overturn the decision of athleticassociations. The role of the
judicial system in resolving such disputes between school
andathletics associations as well as students and associations is
important because it helps to removedoubts and conflicts that might
emanate especially where a school or a student athletics(plaintiff)
get a negative outcome from a competition. Hence, a state
association allows studentathletics to challenge rulings in order
to instill confidence and create just environment within
thecompetition.Question 2Although state associations provide a
platform for athletics to challenge initial rulingsconcerning a
competition, not allowi …

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Management : Student Athletes Appeal
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