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Management : Transactional Vs Transformational Leadership


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TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIPArticle-1:This article explores a
research which has been conducted to establish the
differencebetween leadership and managerial performance. It is
evident that there is a very huge gapbetween the transactional
leader and the role that he or she plays in ensuring that there
isenterprise operational functionality (Avolio 18). Due to this
situation there is need tosignificantly contribute to the policies
which govern leadership and operational functionalityby ensuring
that a proper model is put in place. This can be achieved through
ensuring that thetwo crucial departments of leadership and
maintenance are linked together. Transactionalleadership is all
about understanding your roles and activities, fulfilling targets
which havebeen set and also ensuring that a high level of
discipline is maintained. One of the ways ofensuring that
Discipline is maintained is through the establishment of various
penalties forthose who fail to accomplish their targets (Avolio
20).In order for this method of leadership to be successful, it
relies on two situations whichare; first, if all the teammates
agree to the upcoming variations in the administrative levels
andorders and secondly, if there is a possibility that teammates
will work with respect with thesame purpose in mind which is to
accomplish the planned targets. This type of leadership
isconsidered to be one of the best because i …

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Management : Transactional Vs Transformational Leadership
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