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Marketing : Business Plan


Running Head: Business planYour nameInstructorCourseDateRunning
Head: Business planBusiness plan4US I.T CompanyMARKETING
RESEARCH4US I.T company main purpose is to provide internet
services like the security of data frommalware and ensuring
protection of data and privacy where no one can access security of
one’sinformation. We expect to build our company headquarters in
Chicago, Illinois, USA.4US will require starting capital of
$500000. This starting capital will finance house rent, 20employees
who will be the starting workforce for this business. The company
is expected to starton 24 November 2019. The target customers will
be teenagers, middle earning people andstarting up companies. This
range of customers will include countries outside the USA like
inAfrica and Asia. The aim for 4US will be to protect the security
of data of our customers makingthem the only individuals with
access with their information and protection from unwanted adsin
their emails or will surfing.To serve our customers we will have to
educate them through media, which is cyber threatswhich are common
and which might come in the future proving to our customers that we
havelicensed hacker who can protect their data from being accessed
by unauthorized individualsincluding email threats. Participation
of customers on challenges they encounter and what theydon’t like
on the internet and what to them seem a threat.Our competitors are
Symantec, Cisco and Palo Alto Networks which …

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Marketing : Business Plan
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