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Marketing : Client And Advertisement Agency Relationship


Running head: A CLIENT AGENCY RELATIONSHIPA client agency
relationshipInstitution AffiliationDate12A CLIENT AGENCY
RELATIONSHIPIntroductionA client-agency relationship refers to a
mutual agreement between an advertising agencyand a client. The
parties involved have to collaborate with each other effectively.
This type ofrelationship is seen as one of the most complexes when
it comes to the business world. For a clientagency relationship to
exist the following must be present; agency and client,
commitment,approval, payment and mutual trust.A Client Agency
Relationship DevelopmentA client-agency relationship starts the
moment a client selects an agency to make an ad.For this
relationship to continue both of the parties involved have to play
their part well. Theagency has to be forthcoming and deliver what
the client wants and the client has to provide allthe information
that is needed. Communication is key for this type of relationship.
Both partieshave to be able to get hold of each other when the need
arises. This brings about trust,understanding and well as
confidence among the parties (Halinen, 2012). Both of the parties
haveto put in work to make sure t …

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Marketing : Client And Advertisement Agency Relationship
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