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Marketing : Sweatband


Surname 1NameInstructorCourseDateSweatband with GPS/alert
system/pedometerOne of the most effective strategies for
discovering the hidden potential of a new product in themarket is
through evaluating its salient attributes. With the new sports
sweatbands withGPS/alert system/pedometer, there are three salient
attributes to the product that I will beconsidering. The first
attribute is identifying the parallel needs. According to Macmillan
andMcGrath when customers use a product, they get satisfaction for
multiple needs other than theone they intended to satisfy
(Macmillan and McGrath). For the new sweatbands, customers willbe
purchasing them as part of their sportswear. When customers
purchase the new sweatband,they will not just buy a sweatband that
will keep them going in their sports but also they will begetting
GPS, pedometer, and alert system. A GPS will help the custo …

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Marketing : Sweatband
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