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Mathematics : Bond Risk Management


Running head: BOND RISK MANAGEMENTBond Risk ManagementStudents
NameInstitutional Affiliation1BOND RISK MANAGEMENT2Bond Risk
ManagementThe Federal Reserve Board has in the recent past been
taking a great position on interestrates since the 2007/2008
financial crisis. Interest rates are critical to the growth of the
UnitedStates economy and thereby the current position is one that
will enable the growth of thecountrys economy. The current and
forward-looking position is one that is based on a wait-andsee
stance where it assesses the impacts of interest rates on the
growth of the economy andadjusts the interest rates
accordingly.Such a stance is one that has been applauded by many
investors who are guaranteed thattheir investments are protected by
the board. If an individual was to invest in bonds, the level
ofrisk would be very minimal due to the stance by the Fe …

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Mathematics : Bond Risk Management
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