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Mathematics : Linear Equations.


Running head: Linear equations1Linear equationsName of
studentName of professorName of courseName of institutionLinear
equations2Option 1:Methods of solving linear equations are of three
types which include elimination, graphing andsubstitution method
(Golub, 1965). A linear equation is a system that involves two
relationshipswhich has two variables in each relationship. Linear
equation systems are solved by findingwhere the two relationships
are true or where the two lines cross one another (Campbell,
1980).All three methods of solving linear equations give the same
right answer but they have differentadvantages and
disadvantages.Substitution methodThis method involves substituting
an expression from one equation for the variable in
anotherequation. This method is used when where at least one
variable in one of the equations isrequired to be isolated. The
substitution method is useful when the equation has an
isolatedvariable or where a variable in an equation has a
coefficient of one. The substitution method isthe best method for
solving basic algebraic equations very quickly. Limitation of this
method isthat it can lead to arithmetic mistakes while solving
arithmeti9c equations.Elimination methodThis method is used to
solve linear equations by lining up the two equations vertically
such thatvariables in an equation ate on one side and the constants
are on the other side of the equation.To cancel out the variables
bottom line is subtracted …

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