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Mathematics : Risk Management


Running head: RISK MANAGEMENT1Risk ManagementStudents
NameInstitutional AffiliationRISK MANAGEMENT2Risk ManagementIn the
recent past, the market risk in the United States has been
significantly low. This ismainly due to stabilization of the
economy after the 2007/2008 recession which led to aneconomic
downturn in most industries across the country. A law market risk
in a given market isfavorable for many investors since they are
assured that their funds cannot get lost through lossesthat are
associated with high market risks in various markets across the
globe. However, the riskof foreign markets tends to be higher
depending on the destination of the foreign market.An investor
thereby needs to ascertain the location of the foreign market so
that they candetermine the market risk that is prevalent in that
given market before they can makeinvestments. Given the ris …

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Mathematics : Risk Management
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