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Nursing : Aco S And Their Impact Final


Running Head: ACOS AND THEIR IMPACTSACOs and their
ImpactsStudents NameInstitutionDate12ACOS AND THEIR IMPACTSACOs and
Their ImpactsAn Accountable Care Organization is a group of
hospitals, healthcare workers andunderwriters who volunteer to
undertake the financial and medical accountability for
Medicarepatients. Basically, the ACO ensures that a patient is able
to receive the correct medical care atthe right time and in the
process, there is a reduction in the rate at which medical errors
andidentical services may occur. The ACOs are formed from a group
of corresponding health carephysicians.Some patients, in most
occasions, those with chronic cases have to stay in the
hospitalsfor longer periods of time and this generates large
amounts of health care expenses. Such patientstend to receive
several diagnoses. Their needs normally might be difficult to be
underst …

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Nursing : Aco S And Their Impact Final
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