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Nursing : Health Care Industry


Running Head: HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY1Health Care
IndustryNameCourseTutorDateHEALTH CARE INDUSTRY2Why do you think
the health care industry has invested less in information
technology thanthe banking industry? Who do you think should pay
for improvements in HIT?Health care organizations tend to invest
less in information technology compared to
otherinformation-intensive industries. The systems that are being
used in the current systems areprimitive compared to other
industries such as aviation and industry. Although
physicians,entrepreneurs and leaders have the desire to transform
healthcare through technology, theindustry is slow at embracing new
technological expertise. One is the reasons is that the
newesttechnology does not address the main problems in the
industry. Most of the devices such aswearable devices have failed
to solve main health problems. Innovators should consider the
enduser to meet health problems. For instance, although wearable
devices transmit data aboutpatients to physicians, most of the
practitioners find the data redundant, overwhelming and lesslikely
to make a significant clinical difference. It would be better to
have tools that he …

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Nursing : Health Care Industry
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