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Nursing : Module 5 Roy Neuman And The 1970 S


Roy Adaptive Nursing ModelJune 15, 2019ROY ADAPTATION MODELThe
Roy Adaptation Nursing Model wascreated by Sister Callista Joy in
1976Its was to promote better adaptationRoy contributed to the St.
Marys Collegecurriculum.Factors influencing its creation are
education ,family etc.Adaptation positive response to
Adaptive Model iscomposed of fourmajor
components:PersonHealthEnvironmentNursingUSING ROY ADAPTATION MODEL
INSGT.JOHN CASEJohns environment affects his recoveryboth at home
and at the hospitalThe patient should adapt
copingmechanismsPatients pinions and values have to
berespectedThoughts and feelings determine thebodys actionUSING ROY
ADAPTATION MODEL INSGT.JOHN CASE Johns environmentaffects his
recoveryboth at home and atthe hospital The patient shouldadapt
copingmechanisms Patients pinions andvalues have to berespected
Thoughts and feelingsdetermine the bodysactionINFLUENCE OF ROYS
THEORY TO NURSESAdaptive theory can assist in his mental,physical
and emotionalThe nurse should create an appropriateenvironment for
recoveryillness and health are inevitable aspectsThe adaptation
level is dependent onexposureBENEFITS OF LISTENING TO SGT.
JOHNPERSONAL VIEWA nurse should listen to Johns viewsinstead of
fully depending on thechartsHe can give m …

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Nursing : Module 5 Roy Neuman And The 1970 S
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