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Nursing : Surveys.edited


Ethics and Honesty RatingStudent
NameInstitutionCourseInstructorDate1PROFESSIONS ETHICS AND HONESTY
RATINGAmerican nurses were ranked as the most trusted profession in
2014. According toRiffkin (2014), nurses are at the top on “honesty
and ethical standards.” The poll included 11professions, and 80% of
the Americans believe that nurses, when compared to other
professions,have the highest standards of ethics and honesty. The
survey which was done by Gallup has beenin existence since 1990
where the Americas are asked to rate honesty and ethics
amongprofessions. As Riffkin (2014) notes, nurses having been
topping in the list since they were firstincluded in the poll in
1999. The other professions who were involved in the survey are
medicaldoctors (65%), pharmacists (65%), police officers (48%),
clergy (46%), bankers (23%), lawyers(21%), business executives
(17%), advertising practitioners (10%), car salespeople (8%),
andMembers of Congress (7%) (Raffkin, 2014). Members of Congress
ratings of honesty andethics have been historically scoring the
lowest rating with the highest being in 2001, where they …

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