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Nursing : Week 3 Learning Activity


Running head: WEEK THREE LEARNING ACTIVITYWeek 3 Learning
ActivityName of StudentInstitutional Affiliations1WEEK THREE
LEARNING ACTIVITY2Week 3 Learning ActivitySelina Gomez is an award
winning American singer, actress, and producer. The singer
hasreceived the ALMA award, the American Music Award, and the
Billboard Women in MusicAwards. Additionally, Gomez is the second
most followed person on Instagram alongsideowning the Kmart
clothing line. In 2015, Selina Gomez announced her lupus diagnosis
andindicated that she was undergoing chemotherapy. A year later,
the 26-year old singer announcedthat she was taking a career break
to focus on the challenges of managing her condition. SelinaGomez
indicated to the People magazine that anxiety, panic attacks, and
depression as some ofthe symptoms of Lupus that presented
challenges to her career and life. Subsequently, sheannounced
taking time off her career and cancelled planned concerts to manage
her diagnosisshortly before undergoing a kidney transplant
(Lupus.Org, n.d).Patient Report FormWEEK THREE LEARNING
26Full CodeGenderNo CodeContact
CdiffStandardEntericDropletNeutropenicAirborneSystemic Lupus
Erythematosus (SLE)PrimaryLanguageFemaleMeds OnlyEnglishMaleNo
CPROtherFallAspirationAllergic RhinitisVital SignsTimeTimeBGBlood
pressure138/8 …

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Nursing : Week 3 Learning Activity
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