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Running head: ECT AND LOBOTOMYECT and LobotomyStudents
NameInstitutional Affiliation1ECT AND LABOTOMY2ECT and
LobotomyElectroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a form of psychiatric
treatment where a patient isinduced with seizures electrically for
mental disorders relief. It causes brain chemistry changeand can
reverse mental conditions symptoms quickly. A patient is only
subjected to ECT whenother methods of treatment have failed, but it
doesn’t work for everybody according to Sanghai,Petrides &
Kellner (2018). ECT is used to treat severe depression, resistant
depression, acutemania, catatonia, and dementia. Electrical
stimulation is administered into the brain causingseizure which in
return assists in relieving depression symptoms. Any structural
brain damagesare not caused as a result of ECT. During the process,
the patient under anesthesia is put to sleep.Then elec …

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Other : 12936907
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