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Other : Bib 350 One.edited


Surname 1BIB-350 Midterm ExamQt. 1After humankind failed to live
in the way of God, Humans suffered the effects of thetransformed
relationship with God, compared to the first instance when humans
had afellowship with God (votg 2009, pp. 72). As a result of the
ruined relationship, Adam andEve are commanded to leave the Garden
of Eden as pronounced in Genesis 3:22-24. Toadd to this, the
environment was affected as thistles, and thrones grew on the
landscape,thus making life difficult for man for harvesting his
food (pp. 73). The most significantpenalty that Adam and Eve faced
was that they would experience death and toil for theirgain
(Genesis 3:9).After the first human sinning, sin becomes inherent
in the generations thatfollowed. They acted in a manner that God
had not intended for man. The seriousness ofsin can be traced in
narratives, such as that of Cain killing his bro …

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Other : Bib 350 One.edited
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