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Other : Inclusive Leadership


Running Head: INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIPInclusive LeadershipStudents
nameCourse name and numberInstructors nameDate submitted1INCLUSIVE
LEADERSHIP2Currently, organizations are taking a new shift in the
process of sourcing for its HumanResource, they are considering a
different group of employees from diverse cultures. It is adaunting
task to lead such a diverse group especially if their
cross-cultural differences are notconsidered. To understand new
insights into these matters, this paper will provide acomprehensive
discussion on how inclusive leadership influences the culture of an
organizationin global environment with a diverse group of
employees.Leadership characteristics that create organizational
culturesRegardless of the increasing need for effective and
well-versed global leadership, thestudies show that several
organizations are still adopting a “one-size-fits-all” leadership
stylewithin their operations. Western (2019) asserts that a number
of organizations do not incorporatethe idea of global leadership in
the management of talent practices, they operate with a
generalleadership structure. Thus, for effectiveness to be
achieved, global leaders ought to developinclusive leadership
qualities which surpass the threshold requirements of leaders
oforganizations with a more standardized employee
base.Incidentally, Western (2019) additional indicate that
effective global leaders shouldportray a wider range of
competencies, abilities, and …

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Other : Inclusive Leadership
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