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Other : Market Segmentation


Running head: MARKET SEGMENTATION1Market
SegmentationNameInstitutionDateMARKET SEGMENTATION2The Value of
Market SegmentationMarket segmentation is an essential aspect upon
which marketing strategies are based on.There are four commonly
used market segmentation, namely; demographic,
behavioral,Psychographic, and geographic segmentation (Vinerean et
al., 2013). The value of marketsegmentation in the article
includes; helping marketers and commercialized martial arts
businessowners to understand motivating factors of parents whenever
they intend to enroll their childrenin martial arts classes
(Thomas, 2017). Market segmentation further helps
commercializedmartial arts business owners to identify consumer
behaviors, identify new purchase motivators,and it aids in
expanding motivators’ dimensions among the clientele.According to
Thomas (2017), market segmentation is valuable since it helps
martial artsto create useful services for each segment. Also, they
can come up with a differentiator amongthe segments as this will
enable the commercialized martial arts business owners to develop
adefinite competitive advantage in the fitness industry. Besides,
market segme …

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Other : Market Segmentation
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