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Other : MAT/116 Week 3 dq 1


In week 3, Section 2.4 of the text
discussed some mathematical formulas that are used in various
fields to solve
problems in geometry.

Heres a problem involving the
circumference and radius of a circle.

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Other : MAT/116 Week 3 dq 1
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The equation for
Cin terms of radius

C = 2

Lets assume the earth is a perfect
sphere and we tie a rope around the earth. The rope sits
tightly on the surface
(circumference) of the earth.

Now lets cut the rope and add 1
foot to it. (Weve added 1 foot to the circumference.) The
rope no longer sits
tightly on the earth, but is now some distance away from the

Question: How far away from the
surface is the rope after weve added the foot to the
circumference? Or asking
another way– when I add 1 foot to the circumference, what
happens to the
radius? Show the equations and how they were used to solve

( Note: No need to bring in the
distance around the earth which is 25000 miles. Just work
with the equation for