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Running head: STRESS AND LEADERSHIPStress &
LeadershipNameInstructorCourseDate1STRESS AND LEADERSHIP2Leadership
is a fluid practice, a state of sovereignty that highly calls for
good decision-makingability to identify and assess risks scenarios.
There are a number of leadership styles a leader canadapt depending
on various aspects such as environment, the group or the
organization they lead.Leadership styles are revealed when the
statement A good leader should always isconfidently answered. The
answer may differ depending on the respondent view about the
leadersince a leader can exhibit a number of leadership styles that
they are probably equipped with(McColl-Kennedy & Anderson,
2002). Sheriff exhibits a variety of leadership styles in
ourscenario during and after the scene. The different reactions by
the three deputies towards theSherriff help a learner examine the
various leadership styles Sherriff uses.The most common and
effective leadership style Sherriff exhibits in the scenario is
autocratic.An authoritarian is a leader who gives directives to
their juniors without getting time to listen towhat they have to
say. Sherriff out of panic and undecided, he is seen at first
giving directives tothe three Deputies without expecting being
questioned. The manner at which the Sherriffapproaches the scenario
shows another trait of leadership the Sherriff uses in making the
decisionand coming into a conclusion. Sherriff is democratic, this
l …

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Other : Stressdoodfinale
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