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Other : Verify Clients Business Requirement.edited


Affiliations:State:Date1Requirements2Clients Business
RequirementQuestion 1.1Microsoft Corp. organization is broken down
into two main divisions, Engineeringgroups and Business Functions
(RABCHUK,2018). Below is the organization
Executive Officer is Satya Nadella.Requirements3Question
1.2Microsoft stakeholders
are:CustomersGovernmentShareholdersPartnersEmployeesThe most
influential stakeholders would be the shareholders; this is because
they are the one whowill finance the project, as well as they, are
the main governing body of the company.Question 1.3Whenever you
meet a client, it is always important to be friendly and
approachable to come upwith a good conversation. It is still
essential to provide the correct information without trying toohard
to convince the customer about your product. Some of the main
agenda you can talk to yourclient includesDetails on why the client
thinks your product is the best for their satisfactionInformation
about what they want about the products and what they dislike about
theproduct.Potential collaboration in case the products satisfy
them.Question 1.4Requirements4There are several ways through which
a company can improve client communication. The …

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Other : Verify Clients Business Requirement.edited
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