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Other : Wal Mart Communications Situation Analysis


Wal-Mart CommunicationsSituation AnalysisAn Executive
SummaryPresented by:Professor:Date:IntroductionAn Image of Wal-Mart
BannerInternal and ExternalCommunicationInternal and external
communications aredifferentInternal communications concern
stakeholderswithin Wal-MartExternal communication addresses
stakeholdersfrom outsideInternal communication may be
informalExternal communication must be formalInternal
communications improve organizationalefficiencyExternal
communications improve customerrelationshipStakeholder Needs
Wal-Martsstakeholders have varyingneeds All stakeholders have
interests Clients want quality service delivery Employees want
reasonable workingconditions Employees want to be involved
indecision-making They want Wal-Mart to follow the lawTypes of
Communication Internalinformational communication External
informational communication The internal one prepares employees
fortasks The external informs clients oforganizational plans It
also clarifies their concernsCultural Differences Theselected
culture is China The differences affect consumption trends
Americans consider product price andquality Chinese consider the
aesthetics of storesCommunicating withEmployees Thepurpose is to
inform employees It could also respond to employeeconcerns It is
not necessarily formal The medium must be effectiveAdve …

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Other : Wal Mart Communications Situation Analysis
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