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Other : Why Smoking In Public Places Should Be Banned.


Running Head: SMOKING IN PUBLIC PLACES1Why Smoking in Public
Places Should Be BannedStudents NameInstitutional
AffiliationRunning Head: SMOKING IN PUBLIC PLACES2Why Smoking in
Public Places Should Be BannedMy stance in the upcoming referendum
is that smoking in public places should bebanned. This is because
of the adverse effects that second-hand smoke has on the
bystanders.When someone smokes in a public place, it is not just
their health that is affected. Those exposedto second-hand smoke
can suffer from chronic obstructive lung diseases and be
predisposed todeveloping lung cancer just as much as the primary
smoker (Health Risks of Second-handSmoke, 2015). It is unethical to
cause this extent of damage on someone who knows the dangersof
smoking and has decided not to be a smoker. The smell of tobacco is
also unpleasant to somepeople hence; it is not fair to expose
unwilling members of the public to such risks.Smokers who are
advocating for them to be allowed to smoke in some public places
havetheir reasons as well. Smoking is very addictive and when the
urge to smoke arises, it is difficultfor them to hold off until
they can get home or to designated smok …

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Other : Why Smoking In Public Places Should Be Banned.
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